We develop high-end solutions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and successfully deploy them in industry. Our customers benefit from our expertise and long term experience in consultancy, data analysis, pilots, and customized solutions.
NVH - Noise Vibration Harshness
Deep Learning automatically detects noise and anomalies in engine running noise, helping acoustic engineers to more quickly and accurately test engines.
Robot Soccer
World Champions 2006 & 2007
And we did it with AI. Already a decade ago, PSIORI's founders and team members worked intensively with AI and autonomous agents and won the official benchmark competition of Artificial Intelligence, RoboCup, in both 2006 (Bremen) and 2007 (Atlanta).
PSIORI DataBrowser
Similarity Search on Time Series
View and label your time series. Find similar regions using Machine Learning, helping you to quickly jump to the relevant places in your data.
Automatic quality assurance of product data pools
Data needs to be maintained. We support our longtime customer Atrify with tailor-made solutions for the automated processing of product data. Our methods are used as product classification and anomaly detection recommendation systems to ensure maximum data quality.
Clinic Management Optimization
Based on clinical data and documents we predict ICD codes by using probabilistic methods.
Automatic Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia
With Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence automatically detects Cardiac Arrhythmia in long-term ECG recordings and supports cardiologists in diagnosis.
Reinforcement Learning
Plant Optimization
Reinforcement learning is used to optimize the operation of numerous industrial plants, including mining and pulp and paper plants. By learning from plant data in simulation, the controller efficiently operates the plants and ensures low operating costs and high throughput.
PSIORI Visualizer
Visualizing Big Data
With our new Software Tool you can now dig deep into the visualized embedding of your data.
Autonomous Log Yard Crane
A 350t log yard crane is getting equipped with level 3 autonomy
Volker Voß Managing Sales Director
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