Atrify: Automatic quality assurance of product data pools


Ensuring the quality of huge data pools is the foundation for effective use and processing of product data. As data volumes increase, manual quality assurance becomes more and more time-consuming and costly. By contrast, automated methods scale with the data and provide a solid foundation for data quality..


PSIORI has developed several production systems: in the master data, anomaly detection provides information about inconsistent product data. Recommendation systems for product classification ensure increased correctness when entering new data. In addition, PSIORI is developing a solution that compares product images with master data through machine vision. It uses solid technologies such as Microsoft Cognitive Services combined with probabilistic methods to achieve maximum accuracy in verification.


Data quality is ensured by the combination of several methodological approaches and systems developed by PSIORI for productive use by the customer. Used continuously, the solutions improve data quality while reducing manual data maintenance efforts.

Volker Voß Managing Sales Director
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