Autocrane: Level 3 Autonomy on a Log Yard Crane>


Major industry players have been making significant investments in machine learning to drive efficiency and safety in industrial processes and machinery. PSIORI has accepted the challenge of providing Level 3 Autonomy to a 350 t log yard crane. The crane is used to unload logs from incoming lorries and to deposit them on a belt for further processing into pulp, or on a pile for storage. The primary goal for the crane operator is to balance the requirement for an even flow of logs on the belt into the chipper with the uneven traffic of lorries with logs in the yard - and to ensure sure that nobody is hurt, and nothing is damaged.


We are equipping the crane with a number of cameras, laser scanners, and internal sensors. These enable awareness of its surroundings and the position of its own "limbs". Psiori's Core Artificial Intelligence then determines the crane's desires based on its beliefs about the world, defines its desires and derives its intentions.


Our Level 3 Autonomous Crane is designed to improve the even distribution of logs on the belt, speed up the unloading of lorries, and further improve the overall safety record on-site. The supervisor is provided with a steady stream of performance data and the crane's intentions to aid monitoring its activity.

Volker Voß Managing Sales Director
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